FMZ1450/1700 High Speed Automatic Carton Laminating Machine

FMZ1450/1700 High Speed Automatic Carton Laminating Machine

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  • Brand:WITY
  • FOB Port:ZhongShang,Guangzhou
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FMZ High speed Automatic Carton Laminating Machine adopts surface paper and bottom paper automatic feeding system. It is suitable for color printing paper and corrugated board pasting automatically.


  • Special front location with high accuracy.
  • Surface paper feeding adopts overlapped feeding style which makes paper conveying more stable.
  • With the advanced PLC tracking technology, automatically adjust the relevant parameters according to the paper size, which makes the machine always operate at the best state.
  • Bottom paper feeding adopts rotary telescopic frame, which is suit for curled corrugated board to a great extent..
  • The feeder with pre-feeding device, so as to reduce the stopping time of machine and improve productivity. 
  • SIEMENS brand PLC control system, simplify electric equipment’s structure for more stable and reliable controlling. 
  • With frequency conversion speed adjusting system, realize no-stop step-less variable-speed regulation. 
  • Automatic operation state displaying, automatic trouble alarming, and stopping. 
  • Automatic empty and double paper examining and alarming.

Main Technical Specification:


Model FMZ-1450 FMZ-1700
Max. sheet size 1400x1300mm 1650x1500mm
Min. sheet size 400x400mm 400x400mm
Machine capacity 2000-6000pcs/h 2000-6000pcs/h
Laminating precision ±1mm ±1mm
Surface paper type 250-450g/ m² 250-450g/ m²
Bottom paper type A.B.C.E corrugated board (3/4/5 layers)
Total power 15kw 18kw
Overall dimension 14500x2500x2600mm 14800x2700x2600mm



FMZ-1450: FOB(shanghai) USD35,900
FMZ-1700: FOB(shanghai) USD43,200

More photos:

fmz1450 1700 high speed automatic carton laminating machine

fmz1450 1700 high speed automatic carton laminating machine china

fmz1450 1700 high speed automatic carton laminating machine hot

fmz1450 1700 high speed automatic carton laminating machine supply

fmz1450 1700 high speed automatic carton laminating machine drawing

Configuration list:

No. Item Model Quantity Brand Origin
1 Frequency converter ATV303HU22N4 2    
2   ATV303HU15N4 2 Schneider France
3   ATV303H075N4 1    
4 Load switch VCF3 1 Schneider France
5 Extension rod VZ-18 1 Schneider France
6 Door interlock KZ74 1 Schneider France
7 Circuit breaker 3VU1340-0MG00 3 Siemens Germany
8   3VU1340-0NK00 1    
9   5SX2  316-7CC 4    
10   3VU1340-0NL00 1    
11 AC Contactor LC1-D3810Q5C 1 Schneider France
12   3TB4010-0XM0 6 Siemens Germany
13   3TB4110-0XM0 1    
14   3TB4022-0XM0 3    
15   3TF3001-0XM0 2    
16 Contact head 3TX4010-2A 2 Siemens Germany
17   3TX4001-2A 4    
18 Solenoid valve ZQFD-1 1   Zhejiang
19 Transformer JBK5-630 380V/220V 1 QiuChuang Yueqing
20 DC Power source SP-145-24 1 Mingwei Taiwan
21   SP-100-48 1    
22 Touch screen TK6070IH 1 Weinview Shenzhen
23 Counter HE7C 1 Omron Japan
24 Level relay 61F-G  61F-11 1 Omron Japan 
25 Battery card 6ES7  291-8BA20-0XA0 1 Siemens Germany
26 Program controller 6ES7  214-IAD21-0XB0 1    
27 Extension module 6ES7  223-IPL21-0XA0 1    
28   6ES7  221-IBF21-0XA0 1    
29 Encoder E6A2-CS5C 1 Omron Japan
30 Proximity switch Bi2-EG08-AN6X 2 Turck Germany
31   Ni5-G12-AN6X 3    
32 Photoelectric switch E32-D61 2 Omron Japan
33 Button head  21 Schneider France
34 Button pad 21    
35 Gear reducer 5 Eastern Drive Zhejiang 
36 Vacuum pump   Lema Jiangsu
37 Peripheral pump   Sensen Zhejiang
38 Pressing belt 2 Siegling Joint venture


Free wearing parts list:

Item Quantity model
Front positioning parts 10 pcs  
Tensioner pulley 12pcs  
Bottom pumping belt 6pcs  
Main drive belt 1pcs  
Triangle belt 4pcs  
AC Contactor 2pcs 3TB40
Travel switch 2pcs Z-15GW2-B
Travel switch 2pcs V3L-2901-09
Feeder Nozzle 10pcs  
One-way clutch 2pcs  
Solenoid valve coil 1pcs  


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