BL-1050S/E Automatic Flat Die-Cutting Machine

BL-1050S/E Automatic Flat Die-Cutting Machine

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BL-1050 series flatbed die-cutting with stripping is an ideal equipment to die cut and crease the paper, paper board packing material.
1) It is easy to operate the machine with man-machine interface which automatically displaying the breakdown and frame locking system, digital displaying up-down of mould pressing . 
2) The cooling system of oil circulation decrease difference of hot and cold part of machine so as to reduce the number of rejects and extend the machine service life.
3) Main electrical components are all world0wide famous brands, 
4)Industry cooling system ensure the electric component durable and steady performance. 

Main Feature:

1) It mainly suitable for high accuracy die cut requirement material such as 0.1~2mm cardboard, corrugated board ≤4mm 
2) It is fast working speed, high safety, easy operation
3) It can stable feeding, die cutting and collecting the thin paper which thickness above 80gsm.
4) The feeder with 4 suction and 4 feeding makes paper feeding more smooth
5) Fully automatic non-stop paper feeding and stacking trolley improved the productivity.
6) With die cutting frame automatic lock design, high safety and convenient and simple operating. 
7) Die cutting frame high strength and precision, frame backing plate adopt hard stainless steel, beautiful and durable.
8) Die cutting pad plate hardness HRC50~53, flatten and rusty proof, durable using.
9) Crank shaft, pendulum shaft, worm, etc are all imported alloy steel and precision finishing
10) Oil circulation cooling system improved the difference between heat part and cold part of machine, decrease the rejects number and extend the parts service life.
11) Die cutting lift and backward adopt digital displaying, accuracy 0.001mm
12) Luxury appearance, acheived international standard

Technician Specification:


Model BL1050S BL1050E
Max. Paper size 1050x750mm
Min. Paper size 400x360mm
Max. Die cutting size 1040x720mm
Die cutting plate size 1080x736mm
Die cutting frame inner size 1140x750mm
Max. Paper stacking height of feeding 1500mm  
Max. Paper stacking height of collecting 1400mm  
Paper thickness 80~800gsm cardboard, corrugated board≦4mm
Min width of waste edge  8mm  
Max. mechanical speed 7500s/h (according design arrangement and paper quality)
Max. Die cutting pressure 300t  
Air compressor  0.36m³/min (user prepare)
Power supply 380V/50Hz 3 pahse 4 lines, If is other type voltage, user need prepare 25KWA transformer
Total power 20kw  19kw
Total weight 16t 15t
Overall dimension 7300x4250x2350mm 6350x4250x2350mm


Parts Origin:

No. Name  Brand  Origin 
A Main electric parts origins
1 Main motor Siemens  Germany
2 Reducer motor CHENG PANG TaiWan
3 Reducer motor XDS  
4 Circulation oil pump TswuKwan TaiWan
5 Vacuum pump EUROVAC TaiWan
6 Pressure controller WLP TaiWan
7 Cooller FREE China
8 Motor drive pump CHAO RUN China
9 Solenoid valve MAC USA
10 Solenoid valve AIRTAC TaiWan
11 Electro-magnetic clutch LZ China
12 Switch/connection terminal TEND TaiWan
13 Intermediate relay IDEC Japan
14 Air-break switch Schneider France
15 Contactor Schneider France
16 Button  Schneider France
17 Sensor  SUNX Japan
18 Proximity switch OMRON Japan
19 Rotary encoder Autonics Korea 
20 Photocell/proximity swtich Autonics Korea
21 Proximity switch/time relay FOTEK TaiWan
22 Power switch MIWE TaiWan
23 Inverter INVT China
24 Touch screen HITECH TaiWan
B Main parts origins   
1 Pneumatic clutch OMPI Italy
2 High speed rotary connector  SMC Japan
3 O shape ring Mcclane USA
4 Oil seal SOG  TaiWan
5 Synchronous belt Continental Germany
6 Synchronous belt Gates USA
7 Flat belt NIITA Japan
8 Clamping screw YFS TaiWan
9 Bearing NSK Japan
10 Bearing  SKF Swiss
11 Bearing IKO Japan
12 Bushing SANFU China
13 Precision separator TaiWan
14 Tooth row main chain TYC TaiWan
15 Chain   China 
16 Pull gauge   Taiwan
17 Torque limiter Taiwan
18 Tooth row   Taiwan 


Machine photos: 

bl 1050s e automatic flat die cutting machine

bl 1050s e automatic flat die cutting machine china

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